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模内涂料 / In mould coating

It is applied in coloring, decorating and protecting of PU foam parts for back-injection forming technology. It integrated In-Mould-Coating film to the forming substrates and offers effectively UV resistance and chemical resistance for PU foams parts, as well as enhancing the surface abrasion resistance performances and colorfastness. In mould coating can also cover the imperfect surface appearances caused by foaming processes such like foam line and pinhole, etc. The excellent quality of the systems ensures the finest original mould surface texture and hundred percent replication mould surface texture

Product performance:
Outstanding abrasion and wear resistance
Excellent toughness and durability
Outstanding UV resistance
Excellent low temperature flexibility
Excellent chemical resistance
Outstanding adhesion on polyurethane substrate

product scope
solvent-based in mould coating
water borne in mould coating
in mould coating without solvent
in mould skin
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