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色浆 / Color paste

Bilor color paste covers wide recognition from customers for excellent color-expression and perfect flowing ability and offers customers with the choice of different viscosity. Due to low viscosity and excellent color-expression ability, pigment paste makes it possible to work with automatic metering device, thus reducing manpower and increasing efficiency.
The colors are tailor-made according to customers' color chip in strict conformance with DIN standard and the European REACH requirements.

Product performance:
Low viscosity, suitable for manual and machine head mixing
Good dispersions
High pigmentation, bright and colorful, good colorfastness
No penetration and transfer
No damage to substrate structure
Good yellowing- and aging resistance

Color Breed-1:

Color Breed-2:

Color Breed-3:

Product scope:
Polyurethane system
are suitable for:
PU accessories in autos (e.g.:steering wheels, dash boards, air filers, bumpers, car seats, foam cushions, armrests, safety parts, brake gaskets etc.)
Furniture(e.g.:main body, decoration parts, armrests, seats)
Sports(e.g.:ski and snow boards, bicycle saddles etc. )  
Body fitness equipments(Saddles, armrests etc.)
Other(e.g.:medical equipment parts, PU floor etc.)

Epoxy resin system
are suitable for:
Extensive coverings (e.g.:high-quality floor-coverings, industrial floor coverings in factories, car parks, floor trays)
Electronic industry(e.g.:insulators, transformers)

Soft PVC system
are suitable for:
Vinyl wallpapers
Floor coverings
Cable insulations and sheathings
Artificial Leather

UPR system:
Gel coats
Laminating and casting resins

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